Burton Regatta 2021 Sponsorship Opportunities

Burton Regatta enjoys a large and diverse attendance with visiting Clubs travelling from around the country to compete on the River Trent through the beautiful Burton Washlands.

Through the years the event has been fortunate to attract sponsorship from local and national businesses and organisations. 

Sponsors may choose to support Burton Regatta by sponsoring individual rowing events over the weekend, or even by sponsoring the complete regatta as main sponsors with sponsor's logos becoming part of the event identity. 

The Regatta provides sponsors with a unique promotional opportunity amongst the public, in addition to offering you and your colleagues a superb day out to watch the racing and unwind after a hard week's work.  

Sponsorship is available from as little as £25.00. The basic sponsorship packages are based around the sponsorship of one or more of the individual rowing events. The  sponsor's name will appear in the Regatta Programme and will be announced each time a race from your sponsored event emerges onto the course.

Enhanced sponsorship deals are available which allow sponsors to increase their presence at the event by adding further advertising within the Regatta Programme, or by the erection of sponsors banners around the site and inside the marquee.  Sponsors are also invited to make themselves available to award the prizes of their event - a wonderful photo opportunity!

We are also able to offer the opportunity for main sponsors to become an intimate part of the branding of the event.  Our race programmes, crew numbers and publicity materials are ideal media for the application of sponsors names and logos, and we would also be willing to consider including a sponsor's name within the name of the event.

Our Sponsorship Team are delighted to discuss any individual requirements and to help to produce a sponsorship package to match any budget.

Sponsorship is vital to our event which could not survive without the support of the many companies and individuals who have provided assistance either financially or in kind. If you feel that you may be able to provide any further support to our event in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We sincerely hope you will decide to make a contribution to this unique and very proud event, and join us in promoting a truly golden Olympic British sport.  Our 2019 sponsorship package may be downloaded by clicking the link below.  If you would like us to send you a package by post, or if you would like to discuss your individual requirements please contact our Sponsorship Officers at:


Click here to download our 2021 Sponsorship Package in .pdf format.


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